Ughhh, almost forgot about this place; well, better late than never.

Yeah, I’m on a holiday now. And suddenly, it seems that there’s a ton of things to do.

Focusing a lot on improving my drawing/shading technique. I’ve gone back to pencils, sworn off digital painting till I get some experience working with colors in real life. Not that prevents me from messing around with Painter. Been doing a few drawing sessions with people at work, after work; so far, the results seem encouraging, i.e., no rotten tomatoes yet.

I used to hate having to get to work to scan my drawings, now I completely detest it. Firstly, I’m too lazy to take a stroll down there while I’m on vacation. Secondly…well, I think the first reason is good enough. So I went over to the local Croma store and snagged a HP Deskjet J610a. Primarily using it for scanning, but taking a printout should come in handy too. Installation was a snap, though the scan of the white areas of the paper have a slight sepia tone. Nothing a little color correction can’t handle.

As a side effect of this increased drawing output, I went ahead and cleaned up the site after a (very) long time. Installed Plogger today to give the new stuff I’ve been drawing a better presentation, threw away the old home page, et cetera. Well, at least this evening wasn’t a total waste…

Also found the time to run all my books through the MyBookDroid app: not bad so far. The books I’m currently reading are:

  • Figure Drawing: Design and Invention – Michael Hampton
  • Castles: Their Construction and History – Sidney Toy

Continuing work on Exo next week; I want to try out an easier way of weaving IL without tacking in IL for every aspect that is specified.

Been trying out this very funny game called Magicka. I highly recommend giving it a try, it’s hilarious, drops fantasy cliches left, right and center; and the narrator keeps insisting that the player’s mentor ‘Vlad’ is by no means a vampire.

Checked out the new Incarna character creation system in EVE Online; they did a nice job of it; should be fun when they introduce in-station ambulation.