Machine Vision / Intelligence

  • IRIS: IRIS is a machine vision engine written in C++. It consists of several modules, specialising in image processing, 3D vision including stereovision and space carving. Behavior modules for line-following and integrating sonar data are also provided.

  • Osiris: Osiris is the basic sensory system for COMRADE. It coordinated sonar as well as image data (processed initially by IRIS) to perform predefined tasks based on customisable conditions. Osiris was also responsible for sensor status detection. If a sensor went down, Osiris was capable of detecting which tasks would be affected by the handicap by means of a Feature Dependency Matrix, and degrade gracefully.

  • Robobuilder: Robobuilder was my first attempt at a portable graphics engine. The name comes from the fact that it was first used to create a three-dimensional visualisation system for 3LER. It was written in C++, and later used as part of the IRIS library.

  • Dexter/CORE (COoperative Robot Environment): Dexter is a computer-controlled mech arm, similar to 3LER, except that it had five dexterous fingers. It was more advanced than 3LER in terms of construction and programming. It was built to test the feasibility of building cheap robots which could collaborate in a given environment to perform well-defined tasks, i.e., a workcell. Dexter and 3LER were made to communicate using a custom serial protocol. Dexter also has touch sensors on its fingertips for tactile feedback.

  • CORE (COoperative Robot Environment): CORE was a project to study the possibility of combining in-house pick-and-place robots into a workcell, with continuous synchronisation of state and/or notification. Dexter and 3LER were made to communicate using a custom serial protocol to simulate a successfully simulate a workcell.

Programming / Drawing / Robots / Machine Learning