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IRIS, Reloaded

For my graduation project, I’d written a machine vision/2D image algorithms system called IRIS. We’d used it to drive robots around, integrating sonar and visual data. However, that’s not what reawakened my interest in taking a re-look at the IRIS code. Currently, playing around with data sets has had me rifling through books and equations I liked looking at in college. It is almost like a second education, and I think it only right that I get IRIS up and running, if only to steal some code from it (even though it is in C++, and I’m currently doing my investigations using Ruby).

With that said, I dug into my old SourceForge account, where (to my somewhat irrational surprise) the code was still untouched. However, that code will probably not compile as-is. Even though it had been compiled under Linux, it had dependencies on drivers for hardware like the sonar systems and the webcam. I’m still not exactly sure if I want to get all those dependencies resolved; they aren’t my primary focus at this point. So I stripped off whatever was not required and pushed the clean, compiling source to GitHib here.
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